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Covid-19 isn't going away soon. WE have to take care of ourselves Apr10th 2020

Exercise Suggestions and Covid-19

It looks like Coronavirus is here to stay which means staying home is the new normal and your exercise routine may require adaptation.  Staying active has long been an important factor in dealing with stress, reducing risk of preventable diseases, managing weight, and maintaining mental health.    During the COVID-19 outbreak, finding ways to stay active

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Jan1st 2019

How to Kick Start Change This New Year

The Science of Change The health benefits of good food choices and exercise are abundant…but how do these changes occur in the body…and more importantly how do they help improve our health? Several years ago Dean Ornish was involved in an interesting study on prostate cancer patients. One study demonstrated changes in prostate gene expression in men undergoing an intensive nutrition and

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Patient Testimonial Oct16th 2018

Patient Testimonial – Candice M.

“After two years dealing with plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinosis, and right elbow tendonitis, I turned to Request Physical Therapy in Jonesville for help. At my initial appointment with physical therapist Jerry Rieta in April 2017, he was very positive about helping me with these issues. He also said during that first visit that he would

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coaching Sep14th 2018

Thank you for coaching me to reach my goals – Patient testimonial

“Having total knee replacement three weeks before coming for additional physical therapy at ReQuest Physical Therapy, there was quite a bit I wanted to accomplish. The hospital provided two weeks of physical therapy focused mostly on range of motion. I have always been active and planned on continuing, but my strength and endurance had deteriorated.

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Father's Day healthy activities Jun16th 2018

Healthy Father’s Day Activities

Father’s Day is finally here as well as Men’s Health Month! Still trying to think of what to have planned for him? Why not combine a healthy activity with something your dad will love. Below are some awesome ideas to stay healthy and spend some extra quality time with your number one guy! -Get in

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