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Covid-19 isn't going away soon. WE have to take care of ourselves Apr10th 2020

Exercise Suggestions and Covid-19

It looks like Coronavirus is here to stay which means staying home is the new normal and your exercise routine may require adaptation.  Staying active has long been an important factor in dealing with stress, reducing risk of preventable diseases, managing weight, and maintaining mental health.    During the COVID-19 outbreak, finding ways to stay active

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Apr7th 2020

Boost Your Immune Response

How to help improve your immune response with sleep, decreasing stress, exercising, and eating healthy by ReQuest Physical Therapy in Gainesville and Tioga, FL

Jan1st 2019

How to Kick Start Change This New Year

The Science of Change The health benefits of good food choices and exercise are abundant…but how do these changes occur in the body…and more importantly how do they help improve our health? Several years ago Dean Ornish was involved in an interesting study on prostate cancer patients. One study demonstrated changes in prostate gene expression in men undergoing an intensive nutrition and

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