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Happy person– good mood! May5th 2020

Why Does Exercise Impact Mood?

Feeling Good from the Inside-Out Are you feeling sad or down? Exercise might help your mood! Exercise can positively impact your health in a myriad of ways, with the most well-known benefits including improvements in strength, stability, and endurance that are developed from the physical aspect of exercise. However, less is known about the mental benefits

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woman using elastic resistance band Apr21st 2020

Elastic Resistance Band or Traditional Weight Training?

How do the Results of Elastic Resistance Bands Compare to Traditional Weights? Anyone who has practiced strength training or rehabilitation has probably used an elastic resistance band or seen someone using one as part of their exercise routine. It’s reasonable to wonder what kind of results elastic resistance bands are providing. Can equipment that weighs

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Jan9th 2020

Why is Goal Setting Important?

The Top 4 Reasons to Set Goals Goal setting is important for productivity and performance. When we set a goal, we are required to think about what we really want. Usually we archive that somehow. Then, we plan how we will do it. As we go, we accomplish small parts of it and gain confidence

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Oct17th 2019

4 Ways to Decrease Inflammation

  Chronic joint pain, excess weight, and hypertension often involve unwanted inflammation in the body. There are ways other than taking anti-inflammatories that help stop excess inflammation from happening. Looking at diet and food consumption is one of those ways. Keep reading to find out which foods you can add to your diet to help

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Oct7th 2019

Want to Try Pool Exercise?

What is Aquatic Physical Therapy and why is it helpful?  Aquatic Physical Therapy is Physical Therapy that is performed in the water. There are many reasons why aquatic exercise is beneficial. One of the main reasons is because of our buoyancy in water, which means that we float. This helps support our bodies and makes exercising less taxing on our joints. Water

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Sep20th 2019

Constantly needing your pain meds refilled? Talk to your doctor about how physical therapy can help you ditch the opioids!

Chronic pain affects 50 million adults in America—that’s about 20 percent of us! You may be one of them if pain and dysfunction have been a part of your daily life for at least three months or more. At our physical therapy clinic, our experienced and friendly physical therapist staff is dedicated to helping you

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