• “Physical therapy (PT) is the tool to regain your lifestyle– pain-free. My pain was constant and annoying. At a level of 8 out of 10 (10 being the worst), I went to my general doctor to discuss the pain and what to do about it. When I refused pain meds, which had stopped working and made me foggy in the mind, I requested rehabilitation. I requested ReQuest PT because I have heard from personal friends and acquaintances that it was the best in the area. I was not disappointed. The care I received was outstanding. I was educated in what was wrong, and what I needed to strengthen to relieve the pain.

    Physical therapy is the smartest action one can take to regain their body and their life. It was hard work at first, dealing with the existing pain through action, however, over time you get used to it, and it becomes the “norm” to stay active and pain-free. 

    What I enjoyed the most, was two-fold. First, through the last two months, I became stronger, my pain decreasing, and as long as I continue to do my exercises, I should stay pain-free. Secondly, ReQuest PT is like a family environment. Regardless of who is treating you, they are all skilled in their profession, keeping the patient’s best interest as the main goal.”

    - Cynthia S.
  • My experience with physical therapy at ReQuest totally exceeded my expectations! I have experienced knee pain while running for the past 10+ years, and I always felt it was a problem that I just couldn’t solve. My ReQuest therapists guided me through helpful, challenging, yet achievable exercises every single session. I learned that I am totally capable of squatting/lifting heavy weights, and have felt so much progress from this approach! I am running more often now, and I love gym + weightlifting workouts now too!  

    I felt like I had an awesome physical therapist that understood my limitations, yet still pushed and challenged me! I am so much stronger now than I was when I started, and I learned so much that I will continue to use!  

    Everyone was so encouraging and welcoming!

    - Shelli S.
  • Physical therapy has allowed me to feel better and stronger; learning what exercises work to target what muscles are working has been wonderful. I used to wake up with pain and now I’m doing exercises. I know to take breaks from the computer and no longer have that pain. All therapists were very nice and professional.

    - Lisa R.
  • The PT services I received were challenging because that’s the way I wanted it. ReQuest staff had me involved in my treatment plan and motivated me to do the work.  

    The staff, not just the physical therapists were warm and welcoming. It made me feel more comfortable when I first started and throughout the treatment. The pt staff were friendly and worked well together.

    I enjoyed the therapy that challenged me and helped me to recovery. Just as much, I enjoyed the staff that was helpful and pleasant during the pandemic. I recommend them highly.  

    - Fred R.
  • I initiated PT with hesitation a few months ago. However, with the patient assistance provided by Garreth, I feel confident that I can continue on my own. She is an excellent “teacher”, from whom I have learned quite a bit.  

    PT is a very efficient manner of improving one’s physical health. One of the best “prescriptions” one can obtain.  

    The most enjoyable part was, “working with Garreth. Even though COVID-19 scares, she inspires relaxation during tense times.” 

    - Ana R. R.
  • Physical therapy has allowed me to feel better and stronger; learning what exercises work to target what muscles are working has been wonderful. I used to wake up with pain and now I’m doing exercises. I know to take breaks from the computer and no longer have that pain. All therapists were very nice and professional.

    - Lisa R.

    - Anonymous
  • Karen— hand therapy

    Pat Nichols (Occupational Therapist specializing in Hand therapy) is a hidden gem.  Her knowledge, professionalism and understanding is amazing.  Not just of the intense pain and how It affects our daily lives (not being able to use your hands/thumbs w/out pain for even the simplest of actions such as blow drying your hair, buttoning a shirt or your pants or just being able to open a door).  Pat  goes  above and beyond to explain how the tendons and ligaments work and how together we can reduce or even eliminate the pain w/out lots of drugs. 

    She made special braces for my thumbs (diagnosis = severe trigger fingers) and gave me simple exercises to do that have totally eased the intense pain and deep burning  sensation I had in both hands  – no surgery, just diligent work and the right treatment made all the difference.

    If you are having hand pain, don’t wait until it gets unbearable (as I did), contact ReQuest for a  free 15 minute orthopedic screening, you have nothing to lose and lots of pain to  lose.

    Thank you Pat for giving me hope and helping me get back to my life pain free! 

    -Karen Coley-Cannon/ GHF Membership Advisor

    - Karen
  • ReQuest PT patient

    “As soon as I walk through the doors, one of the patient care coordinators calls me by my name, welcomes me, and assures me that I am being checked in. The coordinators have followed through with every request that I have had.”

    - Brenda P.
  • Carol V.

    “I had two complicated hip fractures on the same side and was unable to walk. Adrien and the rest of the crew changed my life. They taught me many things, number one – never give up!  

    It’s like having a squad of cheerleaders behind you, reassuring words. I am still at ReQuest and still learning!”

    - Carol V.
  • “Physical therapy gave me my independence back. After my accident I was in a wheelchair for three months and had to depend on everyone around me. Without physical therapy I wouldn’t have my mobility back.  

    I know some people are afraid of the pain that can come with physical therapy. I would like to let people know that the therapists listen and walk with you.  

    I enjoyed the people at ReQuest Physical Therapy. Everyone was so nice and understanding. If I was having an off day they let me set the pace and how much I pushed myself.”

    - Tracie P.
  • “I have a new outlook on my healthy future. Mentally and Physically there is a huge improvement. Not to mention, the facility is clean as a whistle.

    I will continue to rely on ReQuest for therapy when needed.” 

    They have a kind a courteous staff. They are 110% positive. The staff are friendly and very supportive with everyone under their care. Penny and Drew are safe and in control of the floor. Very impressed!”  

    - James V. W.
  • “Physical therapy has allowed me to continue training in my favorite hobby, Karate. I have a chronic low back issue and the supervised exercises have helped to strengthen and stabilize my back, reducing my fare-ups significantly.  

    I enjoyed having access to the MedX Lumbar Extension Machine. It is a very important part of why I like ReQuest. 

    However, the friendliness of the staff really makes the whole experience great from the folks at the front desk to my primary therapist Jeff Gilliam to the physical therapy assistants. “

    - Larry H.
  • By coming for regular massages, my muscles are looser and therefore my exercises are more efficient. I am slowly but surely becoming stronger after 2 back surgeries, cancer, and multiple procedures.  

    The staff are always very friendly and on top of my insurance and Physicians’ orders. I never have to wait long and my therapist is extremely knowledgeable and skilled in meeting my complex needs. She listens to my concerns.  

    I look forward to the one hour on a regular basis when I can fully let down and relax. My therapist quickly learned my massage needs, and addresses them every time with a very pleasant relationship. 

    - Patricia H.
  • ReQuest Physical Therapy patient

    “ReQuest PT has impacted my life in an incredible way. I am feeling so much stronger, my balance has improved, I have hardly any pain, my stamina is greater, and my blood pressure has lowered significantly!

    These dedicated people have made me feel that I was their main priority.  

    I look forward to going each time. The ladies at the front desk greet me by name. My therapists and helpers have been wonderful. They have pushed me to my limits and I am grateful for that.    

    They’ve taught me many exercises that I can do at home now.”

    - Sara W.
  • Comprehensive exercise and massage therapy have increased strength and improved flexibility and comfort. My ability to move around has improved.

    The overall friendly and helpful attitude of the staff helps promote physical improvement in strength and flexibility. The staff is knowledgeable.

    - Gerald S.
  • They are amazing. I have had years of treatment, and much of that treatment was very good, but their *exceptional* treatment is the first real hope I’ve had in years of being healed.

    - Audrey P.
  • I have to give kudos to Mrs. Patricia Nichols the Occupational hand therapist who worked so patiently with me during my wrist injury. Not only did she work with me patiently we formed a nice friendship & I can’t thank her enough.

    - Gloria H.
  • They were awesome! Fixed my problem right away! Highly recommend them!

    - Kathy D.
  • Great group of people to have work with you on whatever you need help with. They are truly caring and compassionate people.

    - Trish S.
  • Very helpful and spend the necessary time to figure out what is going on with you and they work with you to accomplish your goals.

    - Emilie M.
  • Great for getting back in shape!!!!!!

    - John T.
  • Loved it! I relocated to NJ from Gainesville in 2008, but returned to have physical therapy after hip replacement surgery. I chose ReQuest Physical Therapy to do my rehab because I remembered the high standards they have from previous experiences. So glad I did it! My mobiluty & flexibility have increased tremendously! TYLER & JOHANNA, you guys rock man!

    - Lisa C.
  • Thomas has been an important part of my pre and post Marathon training.  During training for my first marathon, I developed severe high hamstring pain.  Through concentrated massage therapy, he not only found the source of my pain, but helped relieve it so I could get back to running higher mileage and complete The Chicago Marathon in a respectable time.  In addition he helped eliminate my lower back pain in about 3 weeks.  I continue to see Thomas regularly.  His knowledge and expertise will help keep my muscles in running condition!

    - Kelly W.
  • ReQuest Physical Therapy is a full service center found paired with Gainesville Health & Fitness Gym. Whatever your issue, ReQuest can meet your need with physical therapy experts in their fields. They are never too busy to help you. After an initial eval where they lay out and explain the plan for your individual needs, they explain each step along the way. Whether you are recovering from surgery or injury, need to lose weight or need soft tissue work with massage, it’s all there. After you have moved through the program, you get two sessions with a personal trainer at Gainesville Health & Fitness. I love them!

    - Sandra B.
  • I have used ReQuest PT for almost 20 years and highly recommend them! They have a great atmosphere to overcome your aches and pains with cutting edge techniques, great therapists and friendly service.

    - Tom B.
  • Love this place! They are professional, very knowledgeable and work hard to help you through a difficult time of healing.

    - Sharon B.
  • Great, caring people. Great place.

    - Fred H.
  • Loved the help I got with PT for my shoulder issues. Thanks, Jeff!

    - Naomi S.
  • I had my left knee replaced in January of 2017. I opted to go to ReQuest Physical Therapy and it was a great decision. Three days before I had my knee replacement I broke the toe on the opposite foot. My recovery was so hard because it threw my whole body out of whack. My knee hurt my toe hurt, my back/hip hurt and the strength in my body was challenged.

    Santiago and his team were incredible. They helped me rebalance my body and my strength improved each week. Soon I was returning to Pilates and once everything was working properly, I began water aerobic classes. I feel stronger than I have ever felt in my life and no longer worry about pain. None of this would have been possible without ReQuest Physical Therapy.

    - J.C.
  • My experience at ReQuest was great. The staff provided me with good exercises to perform at home, as well as information on daily activities that may or may not increase or decrease my pain levels.

    - Fernando P.
  • I came to ReQuest with very strong neck pain on the left side along with stiffness. Thanks to the right approach to it by my physical therapist, Nick, I am walking out of here pain-free and conscious of what I have to do to make sure the pain does not come back again. Thank you so much!

    - Alicia D.
  • “Over the duration of my therapy with Ms. Smoak, I noticed changes in my ankle. Pain began to wane down. Movement became easier. And slowly, the swelling decreased.

    At the present, I am pleased. No pain has returned. Thank you, Ms. Smoak. Thank you, ReQuest Physical Therapy.”

    - Saint E.
  • “My experience has not only taught me how the right exercise relieves pain, but also cures it. Best part of it all is the relief massage therapy provided. I always look forward to it!”

    - Jamie S.
  • “The work of ReQuest has helped me with core strengthening to mitigate my back and nerve pain. The therapy regimen has also improved and has made a positive impact on my physical stamina, giving me a more active lifestyle.”

    - Kenneth M.
  • “I severely tore my rotator cuff which caused me to lose the use of my right arm. At my most recent visit, the surgeon said that I was better off NOT having surgery because of the progress I made with physical therapy; that the results he could obtain with surgery would not be any better than the results I achieved with physical therapy.

    I have had the pleasure of working with many of your staff, from the receptionist to the massage therapists, and have found all of them to be dedicated and delightful to work with. Each played an important part in turning my frown upside down.”

    - Skeet B.
  • I liked the way ReQuest PT showed me each step patiently and helped me practice them correctly. My pain has been reducing and I feel more confident in the tasks I’m tackling. I enjoyed my association with my therapists, and I’m so grateful. Thank you for all your help.

    - Eileen H.
  • When climbing on a bag during an obstacle course, I fell 7 feet to the ground and fractured my sacrum. When I came to therapy, I was unable to walk, stand for an extended period of time, or move my left foot. Drew listened to my complaints and helped me understand that I would be able to do them again, but it would take time. I am out of the wheelchair and can now walk without assistance. If it weren’t for Drew and PT, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

    - Kristina S.
  • I had an excellent experience with ReQuest. Nic and Penny were very professional and compassionate with my recovery. They listened to my concerns during and after physical therapy. I wouldn’t choose another location to do my physical therapy!

    - Martha B.
  • A soccer injury left me with constant instability and pain in my knee. With Penny’s plan, I slowly proceeded from walking to jogging a minute, to consistent 25-minute jogging. I developed a fresh confidence in myself and my ability to improve my fitness and wellness. Everyone was very professional, respectful, attentive and caring throughout my rehabilitation. My knees and I are forever grateful!

    - Vania R.
  • “I have been dealing with a serious Achilles tendon problem for over 3 years. Eventually my doctor suggested physical therapy only 5 weeks away from a once in a lifetime trip to India.

    Jerry worked with me twice a week until I left for India. I had no problems on my trip. Thanks for Jerry and the crew, I have had no pain in the last 6 months.”

    - Scott F.
  • “I just got back from Nepal and went over the highest  mountain pass in the world (5416m)! I just wanted to thank you so much for everything! I could not have come this far without you and I am eternally grateful!”

    - Rhadika
  • “Having total knee replacement 3 weeks before coming for additional physical therapy for ReQuest, there was quite a bit more I wanted to accomplish.

    My goals were discussed with Jeff and Garreth and a plan was developed. Much was needed, so the sessions were comprehensive. My experience with Jeff and Garreth proved to be invaluable and hastened my recovery. They are knowledgeable, encouraging and inspiring.”

    - Mike B.
  • “I love coming to ReQuest. Alfonzo worked very well with me while on my treatments. They helped me a lot.”

    - Ella F.
  • “I had come to ReQuest Physical Therapy several times, and the way they help you with the physical therapy is amazing. They are very polite, caring and helpful. Thank you for making me feel better.”

    - Maricarmen V.
  • “It’s been years since I had done physical therapy and its been such a blessing getting back into it.

    Nic pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of and have become so much stronger and mobile. I’ve gained a sense of confidence to continue getting stronger and try different things.”

    - Dejah R.
  • “I started out rehabbing a shoulder injury, but Jeff, Garreth and others went above and beyond to help me get strength back in my shoulders and back. My autoimmune disorder was causing me to lose strength and balance.

    I am so much improved and thank them for all the help! I enjoyed the personal attention and understanding of my specific medical issues and limitations. They helped me improve at a pace I could do.”

    - Joan S.
  • “I have been able to resume my normal exercise routine within a very short amount of time. Laura showed me things I can do to strengthen my weakness outside of ReQuest to be better all-around.”

    - Jason M.
  • “The staff was great to work with. The PT’s were very knowledgeable and patient. I left feeling confident I would do well prior to and after surgery. I learned about what to expect pre and post surgery, and I found the experience encouraging. Thanks to everyone!”

    - Sharon A.
  • “ReQuest Physical Therapy has allowed me to continue my active life – hiking, skiing, horseback riding and kayaking at 69. My initial injury was hip pain. I thought surgery might be in the future but PT brought me through it allowing for a 55-day ski trip last winter!”

    - Robert G.
  • “I watched my daughter progress from having knee pain with just walking to being able to run and jump without pain. The staff has been extremely dedicated to my daughter’s recovery. There was attention to nutrition, cardio and mentality. The most enjoyable part was the enthusiasm and encouragement provided by the therapists!”

    - Sophia L.
  • “This was my third orthopedic surgery recovery with ReQuest. Just as my shoulder surgery and hip replacement recovery, my current knee replacement therapy was another great success. My therapists motivate me to continue on with maximum quality of life. Do exactly what these highly qualified therapists advise and you will get great results!”

    - Joan H.
  • ” Kay has a gift to help people back to their natural function. She inspires me with every visit.”

    “If you need someone to provide treatment: medical, injury, or just wellness maintenance , I highly recommend Kay.”

    - Kara B.
  • ReQuest PT helped me for the third time get back to normal life after a horrible injury/surgery. Thanks to all my Physical Therapists and Massage Therapists for the work they did to get me back to close to 100% so I can live a normal life.

    The most enjoyable part of the time with us was the kindness that the team shows. Plus, they have the greatest PT coaches that care about my wellness. Thanks, Nick and Kay or all the help.

    - Antonio H.
  • “My PT program has been an essential aspect of recovery from [an injury] that was compromising my athletic pursuits. I feel ready to compete at a high level again now and am grateful to the ReQuest team in helping me get there.”

    The atmosphere is

    “positive, encouraging, challenging, and supportive”

    - Steve P.
  • “[Physical Therapy] has helped me get back to doing not only my daily activities, but also the things I love without pain.”

    “I enjoyed the different exercises and challenges and getting to know the people.”

    - Brittany G.
  • “They have helped to keep me on my walking trail everyday.”

    “It is a most awesome experience. They never make you feel uncomfortable about your fitness level and are always encouraging you.”

    What did you enjoy the most?

    “The friendships I have made – An amazing group of people.”

    - Deborah J.
  • “This has been a very positive experience. My balance has improves and I feel more confident in performing everyday tasks.”

    “I would say that [Physical Therapy] is a very important and positive way to enhance one’s quality of life.”

    “I enjoyed and appreciated the great quality of care I received. Also, the kindness and concern of all the staff. Many thanks to Jerry, Adrian, and everyone.”

    - Faith S.
  • “Physical Therapy has helped build my strength and stamina. I feel much better when I do it. I am able to do more things that I enjoy.”

    “I enjoyed working with the therapists and learning things I can use at home. They are compassionate and patient.”

    - Karen R.
  • “Physical Therapy at ReQuest has given me the chance to maintain and improve my fitness and strength after spine tumor surgery left me unable to walk.”

    “No one thought I would walk again, but with continued therapy I am able to walk with the therapists assistance, with a walker. I would say to anyone that ReQuest will face you the time you need to achieve your goals.”

    - Dean L.
  • “PT keeps me at optimal performance.”

    “I appreciate the excellence delivered in a warm and supportive environment.”

    - Joan F.
  • “ReQuest Physical Therapy has benefited me by giving me the exercises needed to strengthen the muscles, tendons and arteries in my leg. [They] not only showed me the correct way to do the exercises but encouraged me durning the healing process.”

    - Beth G.
  • “ReQuest Therapy sessions following surgery on injury have been life saving. I don’t think I would have regained my quality of life without it.”

    What did you enjoy the most:

    “The people here[:] Jeff, Garreth, Taylor, Josh, and Kay!”

    - Linda T.
  • “Therapy has ensured I am able to build & continue exercises for activities of daily living to enrich my life & endure I walk properly again.

    “Massage was extremely beneficial for healing my injury successfully.”

    The most enjoyable part:

    “The friendliness of staff, skill of staff, and genuine concern for my wellbeing.”

    - Karen S. L.
  • This is my 2nd experience with ReQuest & I would recommend them. [They are] very happy and positive! Jeff and Gareth were able to help me work towards my goals by exercises and great therapy! The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning physical is getting better energy level, [and my] legs are getting stronger. I would recommend Request to all cancer patients with any physical needs!

    - Nola
  • The pain in my leg is gone. [I] am able to walk a mile and go up steps. Jeff and Garreth were able to help me work towards my goals by guiding me and giving me support and helping me during the exercises, encouraging me, [and] always being positive and friendly. [ReQuest] has been a very positive experience to me.

    - Nidia B.
  • “I see Ellen about 2x a month and she works on any area of my body with Massage Therapy. It’s very easy to schedule and I love how they leave messages for a reminder appointment. Ellen provides great service!”

    - Suki W.
  • “ReQuest people are very upbeat, and positive.

    They treat you with professionalism and respect. They are knowledgeable and they always encourage you to do your best (without pushing too far over your physical limits).”

    “The nicest part is they always ended with a massage so you won’t go home in pain.”

    What would you say to others?

    You probably need PT more than you think, won’t hurt to try”

    - Sharon G
  • I had a torn meniscus and ACL. I’ve been in therapy for 6 months. I’m almost back to my prior level of function. I plan to go snow skiing next month!

    The therapists show care with attention to detail they provided. They listen and modify as needed to maximize the patient’s healing journey.

    What would you tell other people about ReQuest?

    The best ever! Love it here! I’ll recommend to anyone needing out-patient therapy.

    - Lindsay S
  • I had a rotator cuss and meniscus surgery. Rotator surgery left my arm unable to perform normal exercise especially lifting my arm above to comb my hair or lift things in and out of the cupboard or refrigerator. Meniscus surgery left me with a partially bend knee with constant pain behind the knee, under the knee and in my back. One therapist recognized that my knee was partially bent all the time. Therapy is now correcting that. I have no pain behind my knee and minimal under the knee and in the back. My arm and leg are stronger.

    What would you tell others about Physical Therapy at ReQuest?

    After these types of surgery PT should be a must, and other chronic aches and pains should consider PT before surgery.“

    What was your favorite part?

    “The personnel from the receptionist, physical therapist and students were professional and made you feel comfortable from day one. The therapists “listened” when I told them where I was having difficulty and adjusted my treatment accordingly.

    - Patricia Z
  • I have received Physical Therapy at five different facilities, ReQuest is by far the best one I’ve had the fortune to be treated at. They have taught me how to better use my body mechanics and to lessen my pain from arthritis.

    The Therapy I receive from ReQuests staff is exemplary in their knowledge, professionalism, and humanism.

    - Mark W.
  • Through Physical and Massage Therapy, the head, neck, and shoulder pain I experienced have pretty much disappeared. Physical Therapy works if you persevere. I enjoyed working with knowledgeable and friendly and caring staff.

    - Paul F.
  • Before starting physical therapy, I had all but given up on getting physically fit again at my age. Thank God for blessings that can come to us in what we think is a bad situation. I messed up my knee with a torn meniscus- Physical Therapy helped me so much to regain my strength and build my muscles. ReQuest is awesome!

    All the staff at ReQuest are highly trained professionals that want to see you regain your abilities. They explain why and what they are doing and make each patient feel so at ease. They made a huge improvement in my recovery to full range of motion.

    - Nancy T
  • “Physical Therapy has been a wonderful experience.
    I am stronger and can walk without back pain. The therapists are wonderful and caring.”

    - Janet C