Postpartum and Prenatal Program

Post-Partum Care: 

At ReQuest we offer physical therapy for postpartum mothers as early as 4 weeks post vaginal delivery, and 6 weeks after a Cesarean delivery.  

Your treatment may involve:  

  • Corrective exercise for diastasis recti 
  • C-section scar tissue mobilization (10 weeks post-delivery) 
  • Education and exercise intervention to prevent postpartum pelvic organ prolapse  
  • Pilates informed exercise for back pain 
  • Body mechanics for lifting a new baby 
  • Rib mobilization techniques 
  • Stress and urge incontinence education
  • Manual therapy  
  • Posture strengthening/ cueing 
  • Return-to-exercise education and programming  
  • Postpartum strength and conditioning for returning to sport 
  • Massage therapy  
  • Referral and resources to find women’s health specialists as needed 

Prenatal Care:  

Moderate exercise during pregnancy is proven to increase fetoplacental growth rate, decrease the risk for gestational diabetes, and even teach a child’s body how to respond to stress! This being said, an active pregnancy requires careful monitoring. Check with your physician before beginning an exercise program.

During the active pregnancy, women may experience rib pain, back pain, foot pain, hip pain, and other orthopedic pain. However, working with a physical therapist to learn tricks for maintaining endurance, stability, and posture throughout can prevent some of these symptoms!  

At ReQuest, your prenatal treatment may contain the following:  

  • Safe exercise education and programming 
  • Stabilization exercises to prevent pain from sacroiliac joint laxity  
  • Posture education and training  
  • Breathwork and education on the importance of full-body breathing 
  • Relaxation techniques and tricks for labor  
  • Referral and resources for women’s health specialists as needed 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does prenatal physical therapy work? 

You will be working together with one of our specialists to maintain stability and mobility through corrective exercises as your body grows. Your therapist will give you information on how to stay active through certain trimesters, and give you specialized exercise plans as needed.

What can I gain from prenatal or postnatal therapy? 

You will gain knowledge on how to stay as strong as possible while becoming a mother. Motherhood is hard, but creating a strong base of strength for yourself is one of the best things you can do for your child.  

Can I get physical therapy without a specific pain or problem in mind?

Yes! We provide “preventative” evaluations postpartum providing––strength training programs, information on breathing and rib mobility, and recommendations for lifting mechanics to help you do all of the activities you desire. You can come as early as 4 weeks post vaginal delivery and 6 weeks post cesarian delivery. Even if you had your baby 5 years ago, you are still a postpartum mama and can still be treated as one. If you don’t feel like you ever recovered and regained the strength you had before you had kids, come see us!  

Why should I choose physical therapy at ReQuest Physical therapy? 

Prenatal therapy at ReQuest Physical Therapy is able to provide the following: 

  • Postpartum and pregnancy corrective exercise specialists
  • Sports physical therapy specialist for athletes looking to return to sport after pregnancy 
  • In-house massage therapy for prenatal and postpartum women

Learn more about our prenatal and postpartum therapy program today! 

If you are looking for relief from pain during pregnancy, physical therapy will likely be beneficial to you.

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