Healthy Father’s Day Activities

Father's Day healthy activities Jun16th 2018

Father’s Day is finally here as well as Men’s Health Month! Still trying to think of what to have planned for him? Why not combine a healthy activity with something your dad will love. Below are some awesome ideas to stay healthy and spend some extra quality time with your number one guy!

-Get in the kitchen
Nothing sounds better than a home cooked meal with your loved ones. This Father’s Day, put together a menu of all of his favorite meals. For an even healthier idea, come up with healthier versions of his favorite dishes. Love fried rice? Substitute the rice for cauliflower. Then, you and him can whip up these dishes together and enjoy a delicious, healthy meal. Not only will you be spending quality time together, but you’ll also be making health-conscious choices!

-Put a Spin on Fitness
So maybe hitting the gym isn’t everyone’s number one idea of fun. Instead, take your dad to do a fun idea that will still burn the calories and get his body moving. Activities like golfing, bowling, hiking or playing one of his favorite sports can help check off the boxes of fun, fitness and his favorite things.

-Sports Tournament
Keeping up with the World Cup? If your dad is a fan of sports, come up with a sports tournament to get the whole family involved. With large families, you can even have referees, coaches and more. Winner of the tournament gets a prize at the end!

-Game Night
Healthy activities don’t just have to be physical. Maintaining a healthy mind is also a great part of overall health. Puzzles, chess or other strategy games are great options to spend the day together. Make it extra fun by making a board game tournament! Like the section above, come up with a prize and the winner takes all!