Patient Testimonial – Candice M.

Patient Testimonial Oct16th 2018

“After two years dealing with plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinosis, and right elbow tendonitis, I turned to Request Physical Therapy in Jonesville for help. At my initial appointment with physical therapist Jerry Rieta in April 2017, he was very positive about helping me with these issues. He also said during that first visit that he would be treating the whole body rather than just the painful areas. I really liked his confidence!

I started going to see Jerry twice a week at first. He carefully crafted workouts that included lower and upper body strength while he monitored my movements. After several months, I was able to resume hiking and swimming. I usually go to Vermont every July for two weeks to hike and be in the cool mountain air. It has been such a relief to hike again with no pain in my feet.

Jerry and his staff at ReQuest Physical Therapy are always positive, engaging, and professional. I am a young 65 year old who values health, happiness, and strength in training. I have been a member of GHFC since 1986. I still continue to go see Jerry weekly for a great workout. I highly recommend Request Physical Therapy and Jerry Rieta to everyone!”

Candice M.