Why Should You Consider Massage?

Dec4th 2019

There are many reasons why Massage Therapy can be beneficial for a wide range of people. Massage Therapy is a reputable and beneficial form of complementary treatment.  In fact, a consumer report from the American Massage Therapy Association showed that 67% of  people surveyed reported that their doctors had recommended massage for them. Massage is becoming a recognized treatment method for pain, stress, and anxiety (to name a few) when used in conjunction with other therapies 

Top Reasons People Choose Massage: 

Massage Therapy isn’t reserved simply for relaxation. People seek Massage Therapy for several other reasons, such as: 

  • stress [1]
  • anxiety [2]
  • pain/ injury, especially post-operative [13]
  • symptoms associated with chronic diseases (when approved by physician) [10,11]
  • sleep disturbances [4] 
  • controlling blood pressure [5,6] 
  • softening tissue/ increasing range of motion [1]
  • part of a self-care regimen  [10]
  • tension headaches [12]
  • fibromyalgia and digestive disturbances [15]

This consumer report has further information on the most common reasons for getting massage: https://www.amtamassage.org/research/Consumer-Survey-Fact-Sheets.html 

In 2018 the top motivations for receiving massage were medical (41%) and  stress-related (26%).  While there are many potential medical reasons for receiving Massage Therapy, there can also be a lot of benefit in simply soothing the body and bringing awareness from the mind to certain areas. There is also promising research in using massage as an additional tool for trauma survivors. Almost anyone can benefit from skilled Massage Therapists.   

How much do you need?  

Research shows that as little as 10 minutes can make a difference in physiological markers such as blood pressure, salivary cortisol, and volume of oxygen in the tissue.[3] Therefore, even a short massage can have many benefits for the recipient. At ReQuest, we offer 25-minute massages and 55-minute massages with the option of adding on an additional session should you want to do an 80-minute massage.  

Pro Tip: 

In the state of Florida (and most other states), Massage Therapists are requred to complete a certain number of hours in massage school, pass the state licensing exam, apply for licensure, and maintain this license by renewing it every two years. This renewal process involves many hours of continuing education in massage techniques, laws, ethics, etc. so that your therapist can stay up-to-date on their knowledge in the field. Be sure to check that your Massage Therapist and their establishment are licensed by looking for their up-to-date Florida license that must be posted in the clinic. At ReQuest Physical Therapy all of our Massage Therapists are up-to-date on their licenses, and so are both of our facilities! 

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