Why is massage perfect for Valentine’s Day?

massage therapy Feb11th 2020

Valentine’s day is a great time for massage 

Have you been holding off on getting a massage? Do you want to feel better and connect more with yourself or a loved one? Well massage can help with that! Massage has many health benefits, including some that could improve your mood, connection, stress levels, pain, and overall happiness. Though there are many terrific reasons to get a massage for Valentines day, here are a couple of our favorites! Keep reading to find the top 2 benefits of getting a massage on or near valentine’s day!  

1) Supports Love and Connection   

Massage releases oxytocin. Oxytocin is the social bonding hormone that promotes the feel-good nurturing feeling. When you receive a massage, the hormone gets released, and you feel more connected and caring. So, not only will you get a lovely, relaxing massage, your loved ones around you will reap the benefits too! 

2) Helps overall body function 

The release of Nitric Oxide, ACTH, and Beta Endorphins during massage can enhance wellbeing.  

  • Nitric Oxide increases blood flow locally, allowing for more nutrients and oxygen to get to your tissue, helping you feel better!   
  • ACTH helps with blood sugar regulation, blood pressure, metabolism, and how we handle and “respond” to stress, therefore increasing mood, health, and your overall experience.  
  • Beta Endorphin is related to what makes us want more of something. It also contributes to the reduction of pain in the body! It’s a nopill, nofuss pain killer. How amazing! And, to get these benefits, all you need to do is get a massage!  


Who wouldn’t want to relax, relieve pain, feel love and connection, treat yourself or your loved one, bond, release happy hormones into your body, or just have a great time? The best part is that you don’t have to get a couple’s massage to get the benefits. Self-care can feel just as good and rewarding.   

So, whether you choose to treat yourself or get someone the gift of massage for this lovefilled holiday, we hope you have a great Valentine’s day and stay healthy!  


If you’re interested, contact us to get a massage for yourself or buy a gift certificate. We may even have sameday openings. All our massage therapists are extremely qualified and here to help you and your loved ones feel better!  


Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!  














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