Want to Try Pool Exercise?

Oct7th 2019

What is Aquatic Physical Therapy and why is it helpful? 

Aquatic Physical Therapy is Physical Therapy that is performed in the water. There are many reasons why aquatic exercise is beneficial. One of the main reasons is because of our buoyancy in water, which means that we float. This helps support our bodies and makes exercising less taxing on our joints. Water also provides extra resistance, which can help make muscles stronger without the same impact as dry land activities. Additionally, water helps provide compression, resulting in less swelling in limbs, allowing for a greater range of motion and less pain when moving.  

 Other benefits include improved: 

  • Agility 
  • Balance  
  • Cardiovascular fitness 
  • Pain level 
  • Joint mobility 
  • Neurological health  
  • Strength 

When to see a Physical Therapist:

Aquatic exercise can be great for increasing strength, mobility, balance, and fitness in healthy individuals. When someone has an underlying condition or injury, a Physical Therapist can tell whether or not they need a specialized plan. This plan is made to fit the specific individual and prevent further injury or exacerbation of symptoms. Some people have sought Aquatic Physical Therapy for: arthritis, balance issues, edema, musculoskeletal injury, recovery from surgeries, and many other conditions. If you have questions about aquatic exercise or therapy,  talk to a licensed therapist or your doctor to find out what you are eligible for.  At ReQuest we offer Aquatic Physical Therapy as well as a hot and cold pool. For more information go to


Simple Exercises:  

Here are examples of simple exercises you can do in a pool.* For more information and exercises from the American Physical Therapy Association go to: https://www.choosept.com/Resources/Detail/top-10-exercises-to-do-in-pool 

* consult your doctor before performing any exercises 

  • Pool running or walking: 
    • In the shallow end of the pool, walk or run forward for 10 seconds. When you reach a wall, turn around and walk forward again. If this feels easy, try doing it 3 times for 30 seconds each time, giving yourself a minute break in between.  
    • The same exercise can also be performed with backwards walking or running.  
  • Forward kicks: 
    • Stand upright in the shallow end, kick one leg straight out in front of you. Repeat the exercise on the other side. This can be performed for 3 sets of 10 repetions on each side.  
  • Jumping jacks
    • In the shallow end of the pool, do jumping jacks for 10 seconds. If this feels easy, try doing it 3 times for 30 seconds each time.

Why choose ReQuest Physical Therapy for Aquatic Therapy?

  • Licensed Physical Therapists knowledgeable in Aquatic Therapy
  • Indoor pools, with a controlled environment 
  • Options for hot or cold therapy, which can also be beneficial for injuries 
  • Reduces the risk of injuries or falls compared to traditional exercise 
  • It can feel great!