Unexpected Benefits From Proper Hydration

Proper Hydration Jun23rd 2018

Water is an important part of your overall bodily function. Because hydration is so important for our bodies, it makes sense that getting an adequate amount of water is crucial. But how much water is adequate for you? We’ve all heard that getting eight glasses of water a day is ideal. That number is actually a pretty good amount for the average person. If you find yourself wondering if you’re drinking enough water, take a look at the color of your pee. The more clear your urine is, the more hydrated you are.

As we know, hydration is important. Now that we know how much water is good for you, it’s important to understand why adequate water is important.

There are several benefits that come from drinking water. Below are a few unexpected benefits you can expect from that extra glass of water.

1. Improved kidney functionality

Kidneys need water to flush out toxins from your body. Without water flushing out these toxins, urine production will be low. When urine production is low, a build up in minerals form. This is where you can expect to see greater chances of kidney stones with the mineral build up.

2. Increased energy

Think just coffee can do the job? Being dehydrated or not getting enough water can result in you feeling sluggish during the day. While most people turn to coffee for that boost of energy, caffeine can actually make you feel less alert and worse if you drink it while dehydrated.

3. Healthy skin

Much like a plant that isn’t getting enough water, your skin cells can actually wither and shrink if they aren’t getting the water they need. Drinking enough water however will help your skin look younger and plumper that could even erase fine lines from when you’re dehydrated. Although it won’t make you look 20 years younger, it can help erase fine lines that wouldn’t form with proper hydration.For more information, You can contact ReQuest Physical Therapy.