Tips to Age Well

Tips to Age Well Apr24th 2018

Aging well isn’t just aesthetics. Overall health such as physical activity, medications and overcoming pain come into play as well. When it comes to aging well, there are a few tips and tricks that our physical therapists recommend.

Chronic pain is manageable

Arthritis and other conditions cause millions of Americans to spend money and lose time from work and activities because of pain. Managing your pain can be as simple as proper physical activity and pain management exercises. Physical therapists can help come up with a specific program to help overcome chronic pain.

Physical activity doesn’t have to slow down when you’re older

There are several reasons you can become more sedentary when you age. Whether it’s health problems, fear of falling or pain, it’s understandable to want to slow down your active lifestyle. However, physical activity is the number one attributor to longevity. In fact, physical activity can help in fall prevention, pain management and more.

Medication doesn’t have to be your only option

When it comes pain, many people believe their only option is medication. However, working with your physician and physical therapist can help you achieve the results you want without having to depend solely on medication.

Exercise can help maintain your independence 

Just about everything requires balance. From standing up from a seated position to going on a run, you need strong muscles to help keep you upright. In order to improve your balance, strengthening exercises go a long way. Keeping your body upright requires strength from your deep core muscles to your legs. Working with a trainer or a therapist can help you achieve the balance and independence you strive for.