Three Reasons to Add Massage to Your New Years Resolution in 2019

Massage Therapy Jan23rd 2019

It’s the first month of 2019, and it’s one month of sticking to your resolutions. (Hopefully!) Have you felt like you’ve been putting all of your efforts into achieving all of your goals? Often times we feel like we are doing all we can to achieve optimal results, but we like to think there is always room for more self-improvement.

Massage may not be the first idea that comes to mind for your resolutions, but with all the results we’ve seen with our patients, we came up with a list of popular resolutions for 2019 and how massage can help get you to where you want to be faster.

Get Healthier

You guessed it – the most popular New Years resolution is to get back that body you’ve always wanted and get your health in check. You may not think massage could help with health, but massage has loads of physical health benefits including: boosting immunity, increasing circulation, flushing bodily toxins, lowering blood pressure, and regulating blood sugar.

Relieve Stress

Similarly, stress reduction is made possible with the help of massage. Therapeutic massages much like the ones we offer at ReQuest Physical Therapy can help you relax and ease your mind. The tension you are probably feeling in your neck and shoulders, two common areas affected by stress, can also be worked on to relieve pain. Getting on a regular massage plan can help you manage stress and even help fight depression. Nothing says a great year quite like making your mental health a priority.

Become More Active

Noticed how packed the gym has been this month? No coincidence there. Much like everyone else, a common resolution is to get back in the gym and get your activity up. Whether you want to pick up a sport or just increase your physical activity, your body will take a bit of a toll. Using muscles that were not used to consistent activity can cause aches and tightness. With the help of massage, you can increase range of motion and flexibility, reduce inflammation and see a reduction in pain.


With all the goals you’ve set for yourself, make sure to set yourself up for success with the help of a few extra resources like massage. To live a pain-free life, schedule an appointment with ReQuest Physical Therapy to start your therapeutic massage treatment by calling us at (352) 373-2116.