Therapeutic Massage at ReQuest Physical Therapy

Mar10th 2021

Now more than ever, people are searching for ways to support their immune system and to stay healthy. More and more people are turning to therapeutic massage for relief from injuries, chronic pain, and the stressors of daily life.

Medical professionals are more knowledgeable that ever about the benefits of massage therapy. As a result of this shift in education, physicians are prescribing massage therapy as a component of treatment for their patient’s care. Massage therapy helps with several conditions including chronic back and neck pain, headaches, muscle tightness, and poor sleep quality.

ReQuest Physical Therapy offers massage for both therapeutic benefit and relaxation.  Our experienced massage therapists are licensed and specialize in a variety of areas including sports massage, manual ligament therapy, scar tissue release, and deep tissue massage. 

How does massage help?

There are numerous benefits to be gained from receiving regular massage: 

Massage helps break the pain cycle by reducing muscle tension and spasms and by stimulating the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers. Massage plays a key role in preventing and rehabilitating repetitive strain injuries by breaking up adhesions in muscle tissue and restoring proper muscle function.

Massage soothes sore and tired muscles while stimulating blood flow and lymph fluid circulation. 

Does my insrance cover massage ther?

Does my insurance cover massage therapy?

Many insurance policies will allow you to self-refer for massage therapy without first seeing a physician.  We are happy to check your insurance for massage therapy benefits!  Please contact us with your name, date of birth, and insurance member ID number to have a Patient Care Coordinator check your benefits. If your insurance doesn’t cover massage,  we offer competitive self-pay rates. If you’re ready to make an appointment, click here to get scheduled.

It’s time to re-center and to find your balance.  You are worth it and we can help!