The Four Massage Types and Their Benefits

Relaxation massage May26th 2018

Not all massages are created equal. Think you know everything about massage and massage therapy? Here is the breakdown of the most common massages available.

All massages are far from the same. Below are some different massage types and the benefits they provide. As you’ll see, massages serve different purposes for your body and mind.

-Swedish massage: This massage has longer, circular strokes and tapping for increased blood flow. This is great for relieving muscle tension and relaxation. Swedish massages are generally the most popular because it is more gentle than other massages.

-Sports massage: Sports massages are different from a relaxation massage. There is a lot more stretching involved, isolation of tight muscles and improving range of motion in specified areas. These massages are great for athletes of all kinds, but can also provide all the benefits for people going through rehabilitation after an injury. People often find that their muscles are less sore and this helps speed up recovery after intense workouts or games as well as a decrease in inflammation throughout their body.

-Deep tissue massage: Deep tissue massages have similar benefits of sports massages when it comes to muscle tightness, but they serve different purposes. Deep tissue massages are performed for muscle pain, tension and tightness. Massage therapists press on and around the tense muscle areas to break down tension. This will overtime help with that nagging back or neck pain you’ve been complaining about for the last few weeks. When you regularly get deep tissue massages, you’ll see an improvement in movement, posture and inflammation.

-Prenatal massage: Prenatal massages have been shown to provide great benefits for women during pregnancy. Once you get the OK from your doctor, a prenatal massage can help improve mood, sleep, pain and tension. During pregnancy, a lot of women experience tension in ankles, feet and low back. A prenatal massage will help ease these discomforts and help you feel more relaxed.

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