Texting Pains? It’s A Real Thing

Texting Pains Aug15th 2019

We’re in a society today where everything is online and on our phones. As much as our lives are considerably more convenient and fast, having more screen time can actually hurt us more than we’d know.

One thing you may be feeling is texting hand pains. The continuous movements of your fingers that come from sending emails, playing games on your phone, and texting can cause pain that is commonly known as “texting thumbs.” Healthline.com defines texting thumb as an injury that occurs when the tendon sheath becomes inflamed.

Another texting pain that is fairly common is “text neck.” When you’re looking at your phone or responding to a message, you are usually hunched over. This causes text neck, which causes spinal alignment problems. When looking down for extended periods of time, your head tends to get heavy.  According to Dr. I.A. Kapandji, M.D., for every inch your head hangs down, it adds 10 pounds of weight on your spine!

So what can you do about these pains? Massage is a great option for easing these common texting pains. Your massage therapist can pinpoint the location of the pain and use strategic massage techniques to ease inflammation and pain.

Physical therapy can also help with posture and strengthening certain muscles. Reminding yourself to check your posture is a great tool for short-term success, but overall your body will go back to what it remembers, which may be poor posture. Fixing your posture needs purposeful restructuring of your body’s muscle memory.


If you’re experiencing any of these texting pains, schedule an evaluation with us at www.requestphysicaltherapy.com.

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