Our PT Nicholas Israel-Stahre Talks His Latest Strength Competition

Latest Strength Competition Feb5th 2018

This strength competition was a very important one for me. I have been injured for the better part of the last three years. This event served as my return to high-level competition.

Overall, my training went well. It will tend to wear you down lifting heavy week after week going into a competition, but I was able to progress and stay injury free.

The competition in itself went very well. I hit personal records on bench and deadlift and total. I am competitive by nature and strive to be the best so I love being in that environment.

It’s rare in sports to see competitors cheering each other on when you know full well that if they are able to get that next lift, they are going to beat you. However, that is exactly the energy you see at powerlifting meets. This competition was a great experience, and I’m looking forward to my next meet.

Results from Competition:

First in my weight class. Second across all weight classes by formula.

Top 10 in the nation for this year in my weight class. Top 20 all time  in my weight class.

617 deadlift

441 bench

611 squat