Olympic Gold Medalist Caleb Dressel’s First Choice For Massage Therapy

Olympic Gold Medalist Aug3rd 2018

Olympic gold medalist Caleb Dressel talks about a turning point in his swimming career, and how ReQuest Physical Therapy helped him through it.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ricky for the past 4 years of my swim career. I have grown to call him my friend as well as my personal choice in any therapy work I need done to aid in my swimming.

Ricky has attended the majority of my main competitions throughout my college career and tending to dozens of athletes in this time.

He understands how my body works and what needs to be done just by explaining to him what feels off, tight, painful, weird, or weak.

I recently competed at my last college swim meet, the 2018 NCAA championships, in March. During one of my races I was approaching a wall and felt a pop in my groin. I kept swimming but noticed the pain right when it happened.

It turns out mid race I had pulled my groin in the middle of one of the biggest, most important swim meets of my senior year. Ricky treated me twice a day every day for the remainder of the meet as I still had about 8 swims left. Without this treatment it would have made it difficult to race but with Ricky’s help we had managed to press on and finish the meet.

Ricky helped me finish the last most important meet of my senior year as a Florida Gator. Some say that meet for me was the greatest short course performance in the history of swimming, but many do not know I did the last half of it with a pulled groin. Without Ricky this would not have been possible.

For these reasons, Ricky is my personal choice for therapy and will continue to be for the remainder of my career, as well as my good friend for the remainder of my life.”