Massage And Sleep

Massage And Sleep Jun27th 2019

Sleep is a crucial part of your life. Without sleep, you aren’t able to recover from illnesses or injuries, you can’t function properly throughout the day and you can’t rejuvenate. While we all know the importance of sleep, it doesn’t necessarily help us when it’s time to wind down for bed. Having sleep irregularities can cause some disruptions in your health, so it’s important to tackle your sleep problems whenever possible.

Massage for Sleep Irregularities

When it comes to the realities of sleep irregularities, most people don’t know how to initially address it. One option is massage. Massage therapy can be the solution to this problem. It helps relax your mind and usually tackles your main issue of pain if that is a hinderance of your sleep.

Proper and regular massages and sleep will absolutely revitalize your body. Over time, your body will regulate with it’s new-found sleep schedule and revitalize itself.

A large portion of people put sleeping problems together with sleep medication. However, taking medicine to sleep may not be the best option for you. The Institution for Integrative Healthcare found that people with sleeping issues lack serotonin. Serotonin has a direct impact with mood, appetite and body temperature. The body needs serotonin to create melatonin, which influences the circadian rhythm of sleep. Holistic approaches like massage has been found to increase your serotonin, therefore improving your ability to produce melatonin.


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