How Massage Affects Tight Muscles

Stretching tight muscles Aug14th 2018

Getting a massage after a tough workout or vigorous exercise isn’t just an athlete’s idea of a good time. Health professionals as well as sports enthusiasts agree massage helps with sore and tight muscles. We know massage has beneficial effects that also include reducing inflammation and increasing circulation, but how do massages help achieve these benefits?

After having these questions, studies were done to fully understand how massage helps. What was found is that massage reduced the production of a compound called cytokine, which plays a role in inflammation. Massage also helped the muscle adapt to increase exercise by stimulating the mitochondria, which gives energy for cell functionality. Basically, massages help suppress inflammation while also aiding in the demands put on muscles.

When it comes to achieving optimal health, this goes beyond physical exercise. Optimal health involves both mind and body. Recovery, and massage in particular, is a great tool to add to your health regimen. Investing the time and efforts into recovering after all the stress your body is put under, either through exercise or daily stresses, can help you take your health to the next level. What you invest in yourself now, will benefit you in the future.