Why Choose Us

Medical MedX

At ReQuest Physical Therapy our Medical MedX testing machines set us apart from any other clinic in town. Our staff is able to test your strength and pinpoint the exact location of weakness. The MedX machines’ unique restraint systems allow us to isolate the movement of the spine and strengthen muscles that are nearly impossible to strengthen otherwise. This leads to increases in back strength of up to 1000% which often mean the end to chronic back and/or neck pain for those who have tried other methods that have failed.

Integrated Massage

ReQuest Physical Therapy offers massage therapy for both therapeutic benefit and relaxation. Researchers worldwide have documented an impressive range of benefits gained from receiving regular massage. We incorporate massage into the treatment plan when it’s appropriate so that the patient is benefiting from both physical and massage therapy combined.

Aquatic Therapy

We are the only clinic in Gainesville that can offer you 4 different pools to use: an Olympic sized pool, warm therapy pool, a whirlpool, and a cold plunge. Using GHF’s warm therapy pool, we offer pain-free mobility and strengthening for those with arthritis, fibromyalgia, balance problems, and degenerative joint disease.

Free GHF Membership

You will be offered a free 30 day membership through Gainesville Health and Fitness just for being a patient with us. This is a customized fitness program designed to enhance the rehabilitation phase by extending benefits beyond the time allowed by the insurance company: at no additional cost to the patient. Our goal is to solidify the gains your patient made in strength, range of motion and function to allow full recovery and minimize the injury reoccurring and return one to normal daily function.

Free Babysitting

Children ages 6 months to 12 years old can stay in Gainesville Health and Fitness’ Kid’s Club while you are receiving treatment at ReQuest…and it’s no charge!

Self-Pay Discounts

Hands down we have the most affordable self pay rates for physical therapy. We also offer affordable payment plans that can help you if you are unable to pay all at once. Don’t let the cost of healthcare keep you from getting better.