The Smith Family

The Smith Family's Story

When my daughter and I joined Physician’s Choice for Weight Loss, our primary goals were to change our family’s food intake, identify what needed to change in order to improve our family’s health, and lose body fat in such a way that would allow us to maintain healthy weights for the long term. Jeff and Garreth specifically identified the weak spots in our diet, from the types of food we were eating to how much sugar we were taking in daily. In addition to improving our nutrition, we have changed our family’s lifestyle to become more active as well. We have increased our exercise and daily activities to further empower us to live out what we have learned in the educational workbook and remain accountable every single day.

Since beginning this program, our family has gained a new perspective of the program; we naturally lose fat and weight as our bodies balance themselves out. The body was designed to not like an excess of anything, including fat, and will rid itself of it in order to work most efficiently. We have decreased our sugar intake and now have the want and will to make nutritionally sound food choices. All of these changes have led to improvements in my daughter’s body mass and fat distribution. Watching her have the ability to make sound food choice has been phenomenal. She went from being addicted to sugar, having an emotional attachment to food, and being overweight to now maintaining a mindset focused on a balance of healthy food choices.

Physician’s Choice for Weight Loss is one of the best educational tools to change your lifestyle. If you are willing to listen with an open mind, this program will improve your nutrition and health for the better. We have already recommended PCWL to our family counselor so that other people in our situation can find the help and tools they need to succeed. Jeff and Garreth are judgment and guilt free, and will encourage you to change your behavior so that you can see results for life.