Sarah's Story

My top three goals upon starting the program were:

  1. to become injury-free
  2. to lose weight
  3. to increase my energy level to keep up with my children!


Jeff and Garreth were able to help me work toward these goals by:

  1. teaching me exercises to strengthen my body and prevent injury,
  2. educating me about healthy eating and
  3. encouraging me along the way!


The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been: My increased energy level and tremendous weight loss (50 lbs so far!).


The most significant overall change I have noticed since beginning the program has been: My improved rapport or relationship with food. With Jeff and Garreth’s guidance, I never looked at this program as a diet—something to do for a while and then return to my old habits. Instead, this program has been a journey to a better way of life. It’s a choice I’ve made to be healthy. That freedom is important to me and in this program I’ve never felt constrained by strict dietary guidelines or guilty when I deviate from strictly healthy choices. Jeff and Garreth taught me to recognize foods as anti-inflammatory or inflammatory. I now choose to eat anti-inflammatory foods because I can feel the difference they make in my body. I choose to eat well because eating healthy foods makes me feel great!

I would describe Physicians’ Choice for Weight Loss as: A terrific program for people ready to make a choice to live healthier. Everyone can do this, but it does require a real willingness to learn and a profound attitude adjustment about different types of food and about dieting. I would recommend PCWL to: Those people ready for real change—ready to feel better, ready to lose weight and build muscle, ready to embrace a healthier lifestyle and ready to NEVER diet again!