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Posture Apr21st 2021

Does Improving Posture Decrease Neck and Back Pain?

In a word? No.  There are plenty of reasons to improve posture but decreasing neck and back pain are unlikely to be changed by focusing on posture.  We often think posture is to blame when back and neck pain are present but research has not shown these conditions to be associated with posture or postural

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Living with Aches and Pains? There's A Chance it Could be From Your Mattress Apr5th 2021

Living with Aches and Pains? There’s A Chance it Could be From Your Mattress

If Your Mattress is Leaving You Feeling Achy, Physical Therapy Can Help Do you notice that you often wake up in more pain than you felt when you were going to sleep? If you have been dealing with low back pain that seems to be much worse in the morning, your mattress might be the

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Arthritis Pain Feb15th 2021

Suffering From Arthritis Pain? Relief Is Right Around The Corner!

You Don’t Have To Live With Constant Pain According to the Arthritis Foundation, arthritis affects over 50 million people and is the leading cause of disability across America. Arthritis can affect anyone at any age and can become downright debilitating for those who suffer from it. There are many important steps that people dealing with

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Make the Most of Your Surgery with PT - Both Before and After Feb6th 2021

Direct Access to Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy

Did you know that you can use “direct access” to start physical and/or massage therapy without seeing a doctor first? And, even better, there’s a good chance your insurance will pay for it! Think back to the last time you felt well. The last time you didn’t feel any pain, even when relaxing. Many of

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Physical Therapy Can Bring Relief Feb5th 2021

Physical Therapy Can Help Relieve Hip Pain and Knee Pain

You Don’t Have To Live With Pain Are you struggling with debilitating or uncomfortable hip pain or knee pain? You’re not the only one. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, knee pain is a common condition resulting in 19.4 million pain-related visits to a physician’s office each year! The knees and hips are

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breast cancer and exercise Oct7th 2020

What can regular exercise and nutrition do for breast cancer?

Regular exercise can decrease the risk of developing breast cancer and improve symptoms associated with cancer and its treatments. Some benefits include a decrease in:  fatigue  anxiety  side effects from cancer reducing therapy  A recent study also links physical activity with longer survival in women diagnosed with high-risk breast cancer. Women who engaged in regular

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