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Get Moving Once Again with Physical Therapy Sep15th 2020

5 Reasons Why Physical Therapy is the Best Treatment Method for Achieving a Pain-Free Life!

If you’ve been living with acute or chronic pain, physical therapy can help. Whatever your injury or underlying condition may be, our licensed physical therapists understand how pain can significantly impact your daily life. Physical therapists are movement experts who are trained in several different methods and modalities that are natural, non-invasive, and successful. Schedule

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stay active May10th 2020

Do you sit at a desk most of the day? Here’s how to stay active during the 9-5!

Would you be embarrassed if you got caught doing jumping jacks in your office? We hope not—and we think many successful companies would likely applaud the effort! It’s becoming more well known that staying physically active throughout the workday isn’t just better for your health. It can also boost productivity, job satisfaction, and psychological well-being,

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Foam Rolling May8th 2020

What Does Foam Rolling Do?

Slow Your Roll: Investigating the Effects of  Foam Rolling  By Casey Jackson and the ReQuest Team    There seems to be a lot of mystery surrounding the act of foam rolling. Rumors of foam rollers decimating knots in the muscles, significantly reducing muscle fatigue pre and post-workout, and drastically improving range of motion are quickly revealed on the

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Stretching tight muscles Aug14th 2018

How Massage Affects Tight Muscles

Getting a massage after a tough workout or vigorous exercise isn’t just an athlete’s idea of a good time. Health professionals as well as sports enthusiasts agree massage helps with sore and tight muscles. We know massage has beneficial effects that also include reducing inflammation and increasing circulation, but how do massages help achieve these

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