Category: Massage Therapy

Jamie Stubbs, LMT Mar18th 2020

Jamie Stubbs

MA#87798 Massage therapy, Sports Massage, Ligament Therapy, Kinesiology taping Jamie wanted to get away from his previous profession in law enforcement and military member. After completing his degree in Sports Management, he chose to attend the FL School of Massage and become a massage therapist. He is now retired from law enforcement and military

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Dawn Schulz, LMT Mar6th 2020

Dawn Schulz

MA#56055 Dawn integrates many modalities into her massage, including deep tissue, reflexology, structural, and shiatsu. She has some training in Ortho–bionomy and continues to lean aspects of lymphatic drainage. Dawn believes in working with the nervous system, like the root of a tree, without it, there’s no life or strength. She addresses sports injuries and

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