Running Program Gainesville & Newberry, FL

Running Program

The therapists of ReQuest Physical Therapy know how to analyze your run using video analysis and then work to identify unique dysfunctions that could contribute to, or have caused an injury. Our team of physical therapists will then develop a treatment plan tailored just for you to help you reach your running goals safely.

Who can benefit from a running biomechanical evaluation?
– Anyone with an old or new running-related injury
– Anyone from the beginner triathlete to the elite runner/triathlete
– All runners or triathletes who want to maximize training and reduce their risk for injury

If you currently have a muscle, joint, or tissue problem related to a running injury, your physician can refer you to us immediately for treatment. Just make sure the Running Program is listed on your prescription. For more information, Contact us at Gainesville & Newberry, FL centers.

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