Patient Results

  • “A soccer injury left me with constant instability and pain in my knee. With Penny’s plan, I slowly proceeded from walking, to jogging a minute, to consistent 25-minute jogging. I developed a fresh confidence in myself and my ability to improve my fitness and wellness. Everyone was very professional, respectful, attentive and caring throughout my rehabilitation. My knees and I are forever grateful!”

    Vania R.

  • “I had an excellent experience with ReQuest. Nic and Penny were very professional and compassionate with my recovery. They listened to my concerns during and after physical therapy. I wouldn’t choose another location to do my physical therapy!”

    Martha B.

  • “When climbing on a bag during an obstacle course, I fell 7 feet to the ground and fractured my sacrum. When I came to therapy, I was unable to walk, stand of an extended period of time, or move my left foot. Drew listened to my complaints and helped me understand that I would be able to do them again, but it would take time. I am out of the wheelchair and can now walk without assistance. If it weren’t for Drew and PT, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

    Kristina S.

  • “I liked the way ReQuest showed me each step patiently, and helped me practice them correctly. My pain has been reducing and I feel more confident in the tasks I’m tackling. I enjoyed my association with my therapists, and I’m so grateful. Thank you for all your help.”

    Eileen H.

  • “I came to ReQuest with very strong neck pain on the left side along with stiffness. Thanks to the right approach to it by my physical therapist, Nick, I am walking out of here pain-free and conscious of what I have to do to make sure the pain does not come back again. Thank you so much!” –

    Alicia D.

  • My experience at ReQuest was great. The staff provided me with good exercises to perform at home, as well as information on daily activities that may or may not increase or decrease my pain levels.


    Fernando P.

  • I had my left knee replaced in January of 2017. I opted to go to ReQuest Physical Therapy and it was a great decision. Three days before I had my knee replacement I broke the toe on the opposite foot. My recovery was so hard because it threw my whole body out of whack. My knee hurt my toe hurt, my back/hip hurt and the strength in my body was challenged.

    Santiago and his team were incredible. They helped me rebalance my body and my strength improved each week. Soon I was returning to Pilates and once everything was working properly, I began water aerobic classes. I feel stronger than I have ever felt in my life and no longer worry about pain. None of this would have been possible without ReQuest Physical Therapy.



  • Loved the help I got with PT for my shoulder issues. Thanks, Jeff!

    Naomi S.

  • Great, caring people. Great place.

    Fred H.

  • Love this place! They are professional, very knowledgeable and work hard to help you through a difficult time of healing.

    Sharon B.

  • I have used ReQuest PT for almost 20 years and highly recommend them! They have a great atmosphere to overcome your aches and pains with cutting edge techniques, great therapists and friendly service.

    Tom B.

  • ReQuest Physical Therapy is a full service center found paired with Gainesville Health & Fitness Gym. Whatever your issue, ReQuest can meet your need with physical therapy experts in their fields. They are never too busy to help you. After an initial eval where they lay out and explain the plan for your individual needs, they explain each step along the way. Whether you are recovering from surgery or injury, need to lose weight or need soft tissue work with massage, it’s all there. After you have moved through the program, you get two sessions with a personal trainer at Gainesville Health & Fitness. I love them!

    Sandra B.

  • Thomas has been an important part of my pre and post Marathon training.  During training for my first marathon, I developed severe high hamstring pain.  Through concentrated massage therapy, he not only found the source of my pain, but helped relieve it so I could get back to running higher mileage and complete The Chicago Marathon in a respectable time.  In addition he helped eliminate my lower back pain in about 3 weeks.  I continue to see Thomas regularly.  His knowledge and expertise will help keep my muscles in running condition!

    Kelly W.

  • Loved it! I relocated to NJ from Gainesville in 2008, but returned to have physical therapy after hip replacement surgery. I chose ReQuest Physical Therapy to do my rehab because I remembered the high standards they have from previous experiences. So glad I did it! My mobiluty & flexibility have increased tremendously! TYLER & JOHANNA, you guys rock man!

    Lisa C.

  • Great for getting back in shape!!!!!!

    John T.

  • Very helpful and spend the necessary time to figure out what is going on with you and they work with you to accomplish your goals.

    Emilie M.

  • Great group of people to have work with you on whatever you need help with. They are truly caring and compassionate people.

    Trish S.

  • They were awesome! Fixed my problem right away! Highly recommend them!

    Kathy D.

  • I have to give kudos to Mrs. Patricia Nichols the Occupational hand therapist who worked so patiently with me during my wrist injury. Not only did she work with me patiently we formed a nice friendship & I can’t thank her enough.

    Gloria H.

  • They are amazing. I have had years of treatment, and much of that treatment was very good, but their *exceptional* treatment is the first real hope I’ve had in years of being healed.

    Audrey P.

  • I had a great experience with them. Got me back to a pain free lifestyle.

    Karla L.

  • Very helpful and spend the necessary time to figure out what is going on with you and they work with you to accomplish your goals.

    Emelie M.

  • Jackie and Dawn are excellent massage therapists. After 2 months on crutches, my neck and shoulders were in knots, but they have really helped loosen that up and get me feeling better. ReQuest patients couldn’t “be in better hands” than those 2 wonderful therapists!

    Kathy B.

  • Santi and the ReQuest staff were instrumental in getting me back into the water to cave dive after I tore two muscles in the right calf. Warm and professional atmosphere. Santi’s on-hand massages are a necessary evil to the healing process. Many THANKS to Santi and ReQuest for my recovering leg.”

    Samantha A.

  • I absolutely love this place and their staff; the awesome attitudes that the staff exudes and the feel of such a tight knit community is so very welcoming. The staff makes the whole process fun instead of work. I wish I could go more often!”

    Chelsea F.