Our Story

The Story Of ReQuest Physical Therapy

Our Mission: To reinvent physical therapy to not only treat the diagnosed orthopedic issues, but also provide a comprehensive plan for lifelong wellness.

Our Story

Every business has a story about how it began, someone who had a vision based on a moment, an event, or an experience that would shape the foundation of the business. ReQuest Physical Therapy is no different, inspired by a knee injury pain free patientsustained in a sparring session that would change the practice of physical therapy in Gainesville.

In 1986, Gainesville Health & Fitness owner and ReQuest founder, Joe Cirulli injured his knee during a sparring session that would lead to surgery and physical therapy. After weeks of lifting sandbags, he decided that he could do better on his own, believing there was a more modern way to strengthen his muscles and a more inspiring environment in which to recover.

His passion to make this kind of physical therapy a reality is what started ReQuest Physical Therapy with just one physical therapist and a medical testing machine called the lumbar extension. The goal was to eliminate spine pain.

ReQuest Physical Therapy began as the result of making collaborative research project studying chronic lower back pain. The research project studying chronic low back pain. The research was conducted between the University of California at San Diego, Syracuse University, and Gainesville Health & Fitness.

Why Gainesville Health & Fitness

The owner worked closely with the inventor of the MedX Medical Machines and the late Michael Pollock, Ph. D., Director, Center of Exercise Science and Professor of Medicine at the University of Florida. The research took place over a 10 year period studying the effectiveness of the MedX Medical Lumbar Extension machine in strengthening the lumbar spine and reducing pain.

After studying thousands of people with chronic low back and neck pain, the results were beyond expectation. The strengths, gains and resulting reduction in back pain were so phenomenal the study participants referred to it as a “miracle machine.”
Realizing the impact GHF could make on improving the quality of people’s lives, ReQuest Physical Therapy began using the best strength training techniques, machines, testing, and hands-on therapy to create the most comprehensive approach to physical therapy.

From our humble beginnings, we have developed a rehabilitation program with physical therapists who have helped thousands of patients return to a active lifestyle beyond their expectations.
Our goal is to help you do the same.

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