Before starting physical therapy, I had all but given up on getting physically fit again at my age. Thank God for blessings that can come to us in what we think is a bad situation. I messed up my knee with a torn meniscus – Physical Therapy helped me so much to regain my strength and build my muscles. ReQuest is awesome! 

Don’t be reluctant or skeptical about what physical therapist can do to help your recovery. No matter how serious your injury or surgery. All the staff at ReQuest are highly trained professionals that want to see you regain your abilities. They explain why and what they are doing and make each patient feel so at ease. They made a huge improvement in my recovery to full range of motion.” 

“After the first few sessions, I was looking forward to the next appointment. The staff is witty and are easy to talk to. They get to know you personally and take a sincere interest in who you are and what you are about. You are not just another patient. This has helped to enhance my self-confidence that I can continue the exercises I have learned at home and move even more forward with advanced exercise routines.”