“I Feel Strong And Confident At 73.”

ReQuest Physical Therapy Testimonial Oct26th 2018

Physical therapy has given me greater confidence in my physical abilities through strength training and other exercises that challenged what I used to believe were my limitations. I feel strong and confident at 73.

The atmosphere in the center is very positive, active/busy and friendly. This is regardless of whether someone is your therapist. I felt I was dealing with well trained and informed professionals. My therapist Nick Jacobs and Penny Goldberg were outstanding in evaluating my problem and designing effective and challenging exercises for me.

Nick was friendly in a genuine way and very considerate of my physical condition as well as my mental status each time I came in, before assigning me appropriate exercises (in the complexity and degree of difficulty). Nick also mixed it up so I was not bored. I really looked forward to physical therapy at ReQuest Physical Therapy. Nick is the bomb. I will miss working with him!


Thank you ReQuest Physical Therapy!”

-Pauline L.