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Is physical therapy covered by insurance?

Mar11th 2020

ReQuest Physical Therapy is a provider for most major insurance plans. Contact us to determine if we are in-network for your health insurance plan. We will use our tax ID, registered with the insurance companies to assure that we are in plan. Some insurance companies do not maintain a complete and accurate listing of their in-network providers

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Do I need a referral for physical therapy to join the weight loss program? What if I am not in pain?

Mar11th 2020

If you want insurance to cover your sessions, then you will need a diagnosis from a medical professional. If you do not provide one, then your insurance will not cover you and you will be charged a self-pay fee.

Is this program just another diet?

Mar11th 2020

No, this program is more than a diet. It is a complete healthy lifestyle change.

How long is this program?

Mar11th 2020

The average treatment time is 4-6 weeks.

What is the difference between your weight loss program and Weight Watchers?

Mar11th 2020

Weight Watchers focuses on a point system of all foods. PCWL focuses on changing behavior, eating healthy foods, and exercise. The program has both cognitive (educational) and behavioral components to it.