Category: Hip Physical Therapy Questions

What are common causes of hip pain?

May18th 2020

There are many causes of hip pain. Many people think they have arthritis; however, there are other common causes of hip pain including: Bursitis Iliotibial Band  (IT Band) Femoroacetabular Impingement Sciatica Back problems A thorough evaluation can identify the cause of your hip pain so it may be properly treated.

Can physical therapy help hip bursitis?

May18th 2020

Physical therapy can be helpful for hip bursitis. After a careful evaluation to determine the underlying cause of hip bursitis, your physical therapist will create a detailed plan to reduce your pain and address deficits in motion, strength, balance, or function. 

Is physical therapy required after a hip replacement?

May18th 2020

Most people who undergo hip replacement receive some physical therapy, but it depends on the surgeon’s preference.  This is often done in the home following discharge from the hospital but should also involve outpatient physical therapy for patients with more active goals or who want to ensure a return of full strength and endurance for functional

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How many weeks of physical therapy after hip replacement?

May18th 2020

The duration of physical therapy treatment after a hip replacement can be 12 weeks or more. This is highly variable and depends on the surgical approach as well as your post-surgical goals. Regardless of how long it takes, it is important to resume normal walking without pain or difficulty.