What to expect at physical therapy?

Apr30th 2020

Your first appointment will primarily consist of your evaluation.  Your physical therapist reviews your medical history and ask specific questions to assess how your issue or injury occurred. The answers to these questions guide the objective portion of the evaluation.

During the objective part of your evaluation, your physical therapist performs a careful examination of your mobility, strength and function including understanding pain and movement to not only diagnose your injury or problem but to identify the underlying cause of your condition. They will then discuss the diagnosis and the plan to get you moving normally again.  If time allows, the therapist will start you on your home exercise program designed to address the underlying problems and eliminate pain and improve movement, strength and control. 

During the following appointments, the staff at ReQuest Physical Therapy will continue to work with you improving flexibility and mobility along with specific, focused exercises aimed at eliminating your problem. Treatment is adjusted and progressed each session based on your response. 

Periodically the physical therapist will do a formal assessment of your progress to update the referring provider or as required by your insurance.

When therapy is complete, the physical therapist will give you recommendations and a home exercise program that you can do to keep the problem from returning or continue making progress.