What is Physical Therapy?

Apr28th 2020

Physical therapy is individualized care that strives to ease pain and improve function to help you move and live better.  You may need physical therapy to help you relieve pain, improve movement or ability, or prevent or recover from a sports injury. Physical therapy involves the patient, therapist, and physician working together to promote healing and eliminate underlying problems including pain, weakness, poor movement control or coordination and balance. It can address one or more areas of the body simultaneously.

Physical therapy includes:

  • Careful evaluation of the underlying injury or problem
  • Individualized techniques or treatments performed by the physical therapist to reduce pain and improve movement
  • Exercises to improve strength, joint motion, flexibility, balance and movement control

Physical therapy is based on scientific principles with applied knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, biomechanics, kinesiology (study of movement), psychology and neurology. It combines the diagnosis of specific conditions or injuries and analysis of movement with a personalized approach that considers a person’s physical, psychological, social and family support situation for the best patient outcome.