Adolescent/Teen Weight Loss

We offer two programs that are a fun, positive way for kids to take control of their health. “KidsRCool” is designed for our youngest participants between the ages of 6-10 while “Better Lifestyles 4 Teens” is designed for ages 11-17.

If your child or a child you care about is overweight or obese, take advantage of our effective, medically based weight-loss programs. Our programs use an effective combination of behavior modification, nutrition education, counseling, and modest regular exercise – a combination proven to produce favorable results. Kids gain valuable self-esteem and boost their activity, all while shedding unnecessary pounds.

Recent statistics show that children’s body mass index (BMI) is associated with their parents’ BMI. Children’s eating and activity patterns closely mirror their parents. Now, you can help every member of your family:

– Reach their healthiest body weight and BMI
– Increase their energy levels
– Increase strength and stamina for sports
– Decrease their risk of disease
– Improve their function and reduce pain
– Improve their appearance, self-esteem, and outlook on life

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